Improware: improvement and complaints management

Provide opportunities to improve in order that your services are not lost.
Improware is a true cloud solution to register complaints, incidents, disturbances and proposals for improvement in order to register and monitor. Current information is always available at each location for each employee with access rights. PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Easy to use: you just keep working on the content. Metaware takes care of the rest. That's why you can try Improware in minutes for 30 days without obligation.

Improware charts problem areas and opportunities for improvement. When registering, previously solved similar problems are immediately clear. Regardless of location, time and device, the status of a registration for each employee  and action taken become clear.

Improware is context sensitive and adapts to the user and the work processes. So you only see what is needed and only the right people are working on it. Standard solutions can also be used to speed up the process.
Without knowledge of ICT  Improware can be adjusted to your own style and you manage the access rights of employees. Investing in infrastructure is not needed, the fixed costs are low.

Improware uses the power of software that enables organizations to improve communication and collaboration and increase productivity.


  • Always and everywhere
  • Context-sensitive registration
  • Configurable workflows
  • Personalized charts
  • Person-centered alert and allocation
  • email Linking
  • Targeted analysis and reporting
  • Knowledge base
  • Corporate identity and portal options
  • No ICT knowledge and infrastructure needed
  • Helpdesk support
  • Inherent style applied
  • Responsive design
  • Inherent user management
  • Security Levels adjustment

Improware demos and video

Would you like to use Improware immediately, then click here.

Click for an impression on video below. (dutch language)


Demo versions:

Log on automatically in one of the demo versions and experience how it works.


Improware versions

156 per month
  • 3 users can be registered
  • Number of readers unlimited
  • *
On request
  • 50 users can be registered
  • Number of readers unlimited
  • *
On request
  • More than 50 users can be registered
  • Number of readers unlimited
  • *

* Further details in the proposal